Penn Foster Reviews

Penn Foster Reviews


"This program allows me to study at my own pace. I have the freedom to work full-time and still am able to work on obtaining my Degree. I plan to use my education to help increase my chances of getting a promotion to Director of Loss Prevention." - S. Streck, Il

"The knowledge and skills that I acquired from Penn Foster College have greatly enhanced my career." - D. Thomson, MD

"I'd like to take this opportunity to say "thank you" to the Penn Foster College staff. I feel that whatever I achieve in the near future, it is thanks to Penn Foster." - I. Jammeh, NY

"With being a mom, wife, and self-employed, I was carrying a heavy load to begin with. There was no way I could fit school into my schedule, but with Penn Foster College I could proceed at my own pace. I could study and take tests at any odd hour. While waiting in a car at football/soccer practices, I could read a chapter or two or complete entire exercises! Penn Foster was the program for me." - D. Knoebel, PA

"I've worked swing shift all my life. This is the opportunity I needed to complete college and move up to a better job with better pay and working hours. This program will improve my marketability in this increasingly challenging workforce." - D. Fisher, NJ

"I am currently working in the petroleum industry, while striving toward my degree. Once I have it, a promotion will take place, which will mean greater responsibility and better pay. The program that I am taking will help me toward a better future for myself and my family." - R. Sampey, LA

"I have already had two major law firm interviews. The lawyers were impressed with my knowledge–one told me that I was more advanced than some two-year college graduates. Penn Foster certainly laid a good foundation for my future." - T. Wilson, TX


“Penn Foster has given me the opportunity to pursue my goals in a convenient and flexible way. Penn Foster is definitely the program of choice for anyone looking for a diverse and goal-oriented program. There is something for everyone here and the staff is supportive throughout your academic pursuits. Penn Foster has given me the knowledge I needed to pursue my career and other work goals in life.” - J. Boudria, NJ

“I currently work in the retail business as a supervisor. While completing my online program, my company noticed my initiative and gave me a promotion. In the next 3-5 months I plan to have my business established. Thank you, Penn Foster, for allowing me to pursue my dream.” - N. Abdulla, GA

“I highly recommend Penn Foster to anyone who is looking for a school that offers them the freedom to work at their own speed. I found Penn Foster to be very affordable and helpful, and I always received my study units in a timely fashion. This is a wonderful school! - E. Brache, NY

“Penn Foster is great if you have a busy schedule. You can find time to work on your assignments and the instructors are only an email or phone call away. It's absolutely perfect when you are unable to sit in a regular classroom environment.” - K. Homovich, NC

“The knowledge that I learned from Penn Foster has made it much easier to get clients and to look more professional. Penn Foster is very well-organized and they respond immediately to your questions and examinations. I loved it.” - A. Rios, TX

“I am currently deployed to Afghanistan. I work 12 1/2 hours a day, seven days a week. I have about two hours of free time after work in which I can take my classes. I don't have the Internet in my room, but I have it at work. I have found Penn Foster's program to be extremely accommodating to my circumstances. I am able to study the books at night in my room, do the exams in the book, and then enter my answers online at work. In fact, Penn Foster's programs are set up so that any student can take an entire program either completely online, in print, or both. Also, I always receive future lessons well in advance. I have found the program to be very informative.”
L. Bradley, APO, AE

“I would advise people to enroll in Penn Foster. It is a wonderful school that gave me to opportunity to succeed in life. I have accomplished so much since I graduated. Because of Penn Foster, I had the opportunity the start my own company. Thank you, Penn Foster, for all your support and making my dream come true!” - R. Lenz, NV

“If you feel you can't go back to school, think again. I am a single mother and I accomplished my dreams, thanks to Penn Foster. Penn Foster is affordable and there for you every step of the way. Their staff is very knowledgeable. Penn Foster can and will change your life.” - W. Darnell, PA

“After graduating from Penn Foster, things have been great. I started my own company. Thanks to the education and support I received from Penn Foster, I had the opportunity to go from a '9-5 job' to a $57,000-a-year business. Enrolling in Penn Foster will give you an experience that will take you and your abilities to a new level.”
P. Randolf, NJ

“The training you get from Penn Foster is wonderful. You finish the program feeling confident that you have the skills to look for a job. I was surprised at how much education and hands-on training I got from the program. Now that I'm finished, I feel confident in this field. The day I finished my final exam, I got a job. My job has better hours for my family and higher pay. There is not a day that I've regretted going back to school. Thank you!” - M. Camden, WA

“If you would like a life-enhancing education, Penn Foster is the place to go for it. With student services, teachers, and staff available to help, no student is left without answers – it only takes one simple call or email and help is there for you. Penn Foster has a very special staff who considers all the thoughts and insights of their students.” - E. Lauber, NY


“Taking the Penn Foster High School Program was a new and exciting experience for me. It let me do the things I wanted to do, and, at the same time, let me complete my high school diploma.” - T. Bingham, MS

“Penn Foster is great if you have a busy schedule. You can find time to work on your assignments and the instructors are only an email or phone call away. It's absolutely perfect when you are unable to sit in a regular classroom environment.” - K. Homovich, NC

“The Penn Foster High School Program is great! I learned skills that I wouldn't have learned in a public school. I'm now pursuing a career as a veterinary technician.”
J. Chase, NH

“Penn Foster has all the help that you need and plenty of resources to help you start and finish your program.” - D. Smith, IN

“When I found out that I could earn a real high school diploma through Penn Foster's distance learning program, I was thrilled. Today, I am a congressional candidate and the knowledge I gained from the high school program is priceless.” - J. Haynon, NY

“I would definitely recommend Penn Foster to anyone considering an education outside of public school.” - F. Lupeiu, OR

“Penn Foster High School has a wonderful high school program and is a great place to learn. The instructors are really nice, and they help you if you have any problems.”
S. Hospedales, MA

“Enrolling in Penn Foster High School was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It gave me the confidence to pursue other things in my life, knowing that I could accomplish goals and tasks independently. Before I enrolled in Penn Foster, I was in serious trouble. I was a truant in my previous high school, and I was going practically nowhere. My graduating was the catalyst to all the huge improvements in my life. With my diploma in hand, I was able to land a job and make up my mind about my future career plans. None of this would've been possible without Penn Foster. Thank you, Penn Foster! ” - J. Bird, WA

“Penn Foster has instructors who care to see you do well in life and school. Whenever I needed them, they were ready and prepared to help.” - B. Ward, MS

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